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If you are in the market to sell a small or medium sized ecommerce business based in the US operating in the Automotive Supply, Hydraulics, RV, or Truck Supply space we are seeking strategic acquisitions. 

We are also seeking strategic acquisitions of brick and mortar businesses in these spaces based in the Midwest and Great Lakes area. If you would like to see your company grow in new ways with the same care and effort you built it with, please reach out to see if we may find a fit. 

We have outlined our general criteria to provide an understanding of our target parameters.

Company Size             5-100 employees

Company Revenue     $500,000 - $10,000,000

Location                      US Operations only for ecommerce, Brick and Mortar Midwest, Great Lakes.

Revenue Mix               Ecommerce, Counter Sales, Distribution Sales.

Product Types            Automotive, RV, Hydraulics, Truck parts and supply.

Customer Mix             Direct to Consumer, Retail, Wholesale, B2B

Transaction Type      Asset Purchases, Flexible to accommodate owner needs and tax structure

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